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Anna Roberts Meet the Team - Blue Sky Mediation

Anna Roberts


Anna Roberts is a qualified Mediator and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. She is also a highly skilled and experienced Family Lawyer with over 15 years’ experience in Family Law matters and holds a Master’s degree in Applied Family Law.

Anna has acted as a Mediator in over 100 Family Law Mediations specifically related to Family Law issues including multiple Mediations involving:

  • Arrangements for regular time with each parent
  • Arrangements for time with parents on special days and holidays
  • Children travelling with one parent
  • Relocation of children with parent away from other parent
  • Child Support and arrangements for child-related expenses
  • Communications between parents
  • Choice of or change of school
  • Special Medical treatment

Her experience in the legal sector has given her an understanding of the challenges faced by parties in a Family Law dispute and, in particular, the delay and dissatisfaction caused by the Family Court system and ongoing legal battles.

She brings to Family Law Mediation a deep understanding and sympathy for participants and a strong focus on bringing parties to a realistic and practical agreement as soon as possible.

Kim Coshaw Meet the Team - Blue Sky Mediation

Kim Coshaw

Child Consultant

Kim is a qualified Social Worker and highly experienced and regarded in her field as a Family Consultant, a role she held for more than 12 years. This role involved providing recommendations to the presiding Judicial Officer in the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court regarding parenting arrangements, specifically how the current and future living arrangements might impact on their children’s adjustment, wellbeing and development.

For many years Kim has conducted Child Inclusive Conferences and authored Family Reports for the Court regarding the views and needs of children, their relationships with their parents, and  the attitudes and parental capacities of the parents with regard to the children’s needs. These assessments and reports support the Judge in their decision-making regarding parenting arrangements.

This unrivalled experience ensures Kim is uniquely positioned to bring the voice of the child to the Mediation space in a way that helps parents resolve disputes about the child whilst focusing on the child’s needs and best interests to assist parents to avoid Court, or to resolve disputes already in Court wherever possible.

Kim remains at all times impartial, non-judgemental and sensitive to both children and adults throughout the Mediation.

Lillian Stevenson Meet the Team - Blue Sky Mediation

Lillian Stevenson

Client Services Team Leader

Our Client Services Team Leader is dedicated to ensuring that you feel informed at every step of your Mediation. If you have any feedback at anytime Lillian would love to hear from you.