Separation Agreement for property division

A Separation Agreement for a Family Law property division can be documented by a Financial Agreement or by Consent Orders which are registered in the Family Court.

You are entitled to have a Family Lawyer to provide you with legal advice about your rights in a property division.  And in order to protect your rights best Family Lawyers can be an important part of the separation process.  You will need a Family Lawyer to sign a certificate in a Financial Agreement in order for it to be binding and enforceable.  You do not need a Family Lawyer to sign Consent Orders and they become binding and enforceable as long as they have been registered with the Family Court.

At Blue Sky Mediation, our expert Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are also qualified Family Lawyers with years of experience in drafting Court Orders and Financial Agreements.  We can help you to secure a quick and cost-effective separation agreement to finalise your property division.