I am worried about my child attending the meeting with the Child Consultant

Most parents feel their children have already had enough to deal with when the family situation changes and they want to support and protect their children as much as possible post separation. Given this, it is normal for parents to feel worried about their child meeting with the Child Consultant.

One of the most common concerns parents have is that the interview process may be invasive and/or distressing for the child. Parents also sometimes worry that the child will be made to express a view about their living arrangements, making them feel as though they have to choose between two parents they love. While it’s normal to worry about these things, it is important to remember that children, just like the adults who are involved, have thoughts and feelings about what has been happening for them, and about what they might like to see happen in the future. The child interview with the Child Consultant is not an interview rather an intervention conducted by our highly qualified and experienced Child Consultant which is designed to provide your child with a safe and supported place to explore their thoughts and feelings about their experience of the family situation. Children will never have any pressure placed on them to talk about things they don’t feel comfortable discussing. 

Our goal is to make Child Inclusive Mediation a positive and helpful experience for all family members.

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