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Get an experienced and professional Family Lawyer and FDRP to mediate your client’s family dispute.

Mediations available within 14 days.

As you know, the practice of Family Law involves many challenges and complexities. Mediation has become an essential tool for the progress and resolution of Family Law matters.

Blue Sky Mediation provides the following benefits:

  • Our resident Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Anna Roberts, is a skilled Family Lawyer with an effective approach to Mediation, and a friendly and professional disposition.
  • We can arrange Urgent Mediations and/or Section 60I certificates.
  • We have easy booking and billing processes.
  • We operate from local dedicated Mediation suites which provide a comfortable, accessible and convenient forum for the attendance of parties, and their Lawyers.
Blue sky Room

Blue Sky room

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Blue Sky room

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Blue Sky room

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