Central Coast

Family Law Mediation Central Coast

If you are going through a separation and you are located on the Central Coast Family Law Mediation can help you to quickly and easily negotiate a separation agreement with your ex-partner.

Blue Sky Mediation can help you to negotiate and document:

Parenting Arrangements

with a Child-Inclusive Mediation.

For Mediation on the Central Coast, Relationships Australia might also assist, however, unlike Relationship Australia, we offer a guaranteed Mediation date within a maximum 2 week period from your enquiry, provided the other party is co-operating. Like Relationships Australia, we want to offer you with the best quality mediation at the lowest fixed fee. We are private mediators specialising in family dispute resolution.

Our Central Coast Family Law Mediators are accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and qualified Central Coast Family Lawyers, so you can be sure to reach a separation agreement or a parenting plan about child custody with expert assistance.  We can also help you to register your separation agreement with the Family Court at Sydney or Newcastle.

Most people going through a relationship separation will be eagerly seeking a cheap divorce lawyer.  Cheap divorce lawyers are difficult to find; it is the process of negotiating or litigating through Family Lawyers which cause difficulties finding a cheap divorce lawyer.